<FAQ> Frequently   Asked Questions

What time does the first Band start?

The gates open at 6pm & we are hoping to have them start playing shortly after (6:15ish most likely),

however if we're running a little behind, eatting more yummy food won't hurt anything!


My dog really loves good music. Can I bring her? While we appreciate your dog's taste in music, we have all the animals we need out here. Please no pets.


What about the weather?

It's an outdoor concert right?

You're hosts are 5 Catholic churches.

We've got 2 priests and 5 prayer networks on the job. 

In the event of questionable weather for the day, please check back to this website for up-to-date information.


How much is it to park?

It's FREE and it's in a field - Gotta love the country life!!


Can we bring kids?

While everything we do usually includes families,

this is an adult only event. (18+)


Any food at the concert?

Yummy Yummy Foods from Local Favorites - the list is coming soon!


Will there be adult beverages there?

We will be having a great selection of those available - Wine, Beer & the NEW Alcoholic Seltzers! 

So please if you plan on consuming them - 

bring an ID & have a plan for a safe ride home or catch a bus at some of our local establishments providing transportation to and from the festival.

(CLICK HERE for details on those locations involved).


Will there be an ATM on site?

Yes, inside event gates - s0 please plan ahead.

*NO Checks accepted


Tractor parking & Motorcycle parking?

Of course - we have parking for all kinds!


Can I bring my own cooler full of fun drinks?

No, we will not allow that, but we are selling

fun drinks for you to consume!


What if I forgot my 80's rock sunglasses in my car after entering the festival gates?

You may return to your vehicle, however please

beware there is a $10 re-entry fee to get back in. 


Are lawn chairs allowed?

Sure they are - but we think you'll look pretty silly, sitting there hand banging and dancing to a song!

Then again who cares what you look like!!!


Is there over night camping to continue the

First Party of Summer?

Sorry the First Party of Summer does not have overnight camping available. There are several hotel accommodations within 7 – 15 miles of the venue.





Directions to the PARTY!

Talk about a perfect place for an outdoor rock & roll party!  The Little Log House Pioneer Village is a beautiful site to see for anyone who enjoys stepping back in time and history.  With an endless passion for preservation, owners Steve and Sylvia Bauer created a restored pioneer village to display some of Southern Minnesota’s most prized historical artifacts.  Other than private events like weddings, receptions, and other parties, and

MUSIC CONCERTS, the Little Log House Pioneer Village is only open for one, three-day weekend in July. We are thrilled to be able to hold this event on this picturesque 160 acre farm.



                                                    Entrance & FREE Parking:


Music fans and party goers are encourage to enter the Little Log House Pioneer Village on Michael Avenue, from 220th Street East, off Highway 61, south of Hastings. Handicapped parking is available by showing your handicapped packing placard to the front gate attendant.  If you are a Business Sponsor, please show your VIP Parking Pass at the front gate. On-site, FREE adequate parking is available. Please follow parking attendants who will direct cars to a large parking area and the entrance gate where tickets will be taken.

Shuttles from the parking area to the ticket

entrance gate will be available.



Please arrange for a safe ride home!

Brought to you by the rural parishes of St. John the Baptist, Vermillion | St. Joseph’s, Miesville | St. Mary’s, New Trier | St. Mathias, Hampton | St. Pius V, Cannon Falls.