The Idea.  

We've had this idea to host a summer music party for several years now - always batting around the idea of getting the 5 rural Catholic parishes together for some fun to support the good stuff we do (like mission trips,

youth ministries, education, and programming to support the youth and aging in our community). We knew the event would be separate from our individual parish festivals. This new thing, would be larger, (louder) and more

far-reaching than anything we'd ever done. We figured, if we've got families who can harvest hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain each fall and milk hundreds of gallons of milk twice every day.....

then, without a doubt, we have the talent to pull this thing off.  And the crazier part?

We are actually doing it. This party is happening ... AGAIN for the 4th time!


The People. 

Folks who make up the "ag" industry have amazing access to all kind of things needed for a huge party: tractors to pull people wagons; electric generators for lighting; huge tents, refrigerated trucks to chill beer; big, strong sons to handle security; experience getting a lot of things on wheels into a confined space, neatly and orderly; steers and pigs for burgers and brats, and big hearts to make things happen in the country. It's in their DNA.


Brought to you by the rural parishes of St. John the Baptist, Vermillion | St. Joseph’s, Miesville | St. Mary’s, New Trier | St. Mathias, Hampton | St. Pius V, Cannon Falls.